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Elwood Wine commits to forever gifting 10% of the company’s profits to organizations focused on providing aid to underserved youth.

We also have a donation fund to Jesse Elwood's ongoing freedom fund. Your donations help us fund the process of obtaining competent legal aid and court transcripts for an appeal process. 

Kid’s Club operates 18 school-based Kids Clubs in Cherokee and Spartanburg Counties.This efficiently serves 1,600 kids after school until 6 pm, including a snack and meal every day. They provide effective, affordable, and accessible after school care for working families.

I have been a member of kids club since the 6th grade, and have held numerous positions :

  • Volunteer

  • Public Relations and Donations

  • Academic Support Staff

  • STEM Program Specialist

  • Current Board Member

Your support of Kids Clubs in needed now more than ever. Your efforts will help them recover from the educational hours and life experiences lost because of the pandemic. They have been able to make a major difference in many kids’ lives for over 30 years. We thank you for your your generous support because our work is never done.

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